Memo to Self.

6 things I took home from INTRO – the Festivaleröffnung and everything that followed

  1. In case of emergency and no keys to open the door bring four bottles of champagne and plastic cups. Most everyone will like you. And the others will be offered orange juice.

  1. Always be nice to every doorman (or: doorwoman) you ever meet. They’ll remember you in the way you want to be remembered. They don’t forget. Ever. At least Frau Scholz doesn’t and Frau Scholz has all the power to give or to not give you a key, to find or to not find a solution for your problem over in Dittrichring.

  1. Actors can shout. Yes, they can. They also can say things that move you in a very telepreacher kind of way. I liked. A lot.

  1. „Ist jemand vom StuRa da?“ (Is there a member of the student council in this room?) is a question that should not be asked. Especially when it says on the program leaflet „speech of a StuRa-member“. And it really shouldn’t be answered with a NO!. But it was.

  1. Wolfram Lotz and Hannes Becker read out their 27 Forderungen an das Theater. And many of those sentences about theatre and how it might be one day in the near or probably far future made me want to clap. But that would have been weird if I had been the only one…right?

  1. Must learn more about revolutions and military coups in Latin America. Especially in Chile. We never EVER possibly know enough.

  2. Lisanne Wiegand